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  • U11 Girls are Fall State Champs!!!

  • U12 Boys are MYSA Summer State Champs!!

    Congrats to the U12 boys ... What a huge win to end the season!!!
  • U9 soccer ROCKS!!!

  • U15 Boys C2 Earn Championship at All American Cup!

  • U16 C1 Boys are the NSC All American Cup champions!

    U16B101 won the NSC All American Cup championship on June 18, 2017!
  • U18C1 Apple Valley Champions over Dakota Rev in Shoot Out!

  • 16C2 team wins gold at Wisconsin Dells Spring Shootout!

  • U16 Boys C2 team wins the 2017 Woodbury Summer Classic

  • U11 Girls win 2017 Eagan Wave Future Stars

    4 undefeated games!!!
  • U11s after the 2017 AP Cup