Two seasons are currently supported: a Summer Season League running from mid May through mid July, and a Fall Season League running from early September through October. The Fall Season League is shorter, focuses more on player development, and is less competitive than the Summer Season. It can serve as an introduction to competitive soccer.

The number of players signed up for a particular age group with MU determines the number of teams we try to field.  An attempt to accommodate all registered players is made, but not guaranteed.

MYSA and TCSL both have organized youth Competitive Soccer leagues by age/birth year, gender, and level of skill. The ages range from 9U through 14U in the Fall Season League. Players beyond that age typically play high school soccer in the Fall.  MYSA offers summer season league play for 9U through 19U players. TCSL offers summer soccer for 8U through 19U. All age levels are considered competitive.

What is the "9U" in the Player ages mean?  Designation example: "" is really an abbreviation for "Nine and Under". Players can "play up" an age group (with special permission/recommendation of a Director of Coaching), but not down with a younger team.  Both leagues operate on BIRTH YEAR to set an age group.  Example, a 2010 birth year plays 14U in the 2023-24 season.