Team Formation Policy

Minneapolis United (MU) is a community-based club that strives to balance the needs of all players’ at all competitive levels, from Recreational to Premier.

  • The goal of the Minneapolis United Team Formation process is to create a system in which players can best develop individual soccer skills and participate in statewide soccer play.
  • Competitive soccer allows players to develop individual and team skills necessary to play at the high school varsity level and beyond.
  • MU believes that Individual and team development work best when players participate on teams with other players at similar commitment and skill levels.
  • Placement of individual players on appropriate teams is increasingly critical at the higher levels of competition.
  • MU forms all teams through a formal tryout (evaluation process) as outlined in the sections immediately below. 
  • The Boys and Girls Coaching Directors are responsible to hire and place coaches for all competitive teams.
  • Core Fees are based on the entire year of play and can not be prorated to fit the schedule of individual families needs. Core Fees are applied not matter attendance. EX: Player won't participate in Fall or Winter due to other obligations. Will just play from April through July. This player will still pay the full Core Fee.

Note: For information related to 9U-10U Team Formation, please see the “MU Academy” section of this policy.

Players Missing Tryouts

Team placement petition process is as follows:

  • Players that are unable to attend tryouts must still complete the Tryout/Team Placement Sign-Up, indicate that they wish to be placed on a team and pay the non-refundable $55 Tryout/Team Placement Fee. 
  • Verbal or electronic messages cannot be used to petition for roster placement, only completion of the Tryout/Team Placement Sign-Up will suffice.
  • MU is unable to arrange individual tryouts.
  • MU is hosting Tryout Prep Camps and attendance is highly recommended for those missing tryouts.
  • Team placement via petition:
    • For current MU players the registration does not guarantee a position on a specific team.  Rather, it alerts the coach and the Director of Coaching that even though your child was not at tryouts they are still interested in playing for MU. Players will be placed on a team based on their skill level. No player is guaranteed a spot on a team and “close calls” will go to those that attend tryouts.
    • For players new to MU: Since we are not able to evaluate these players they will be placed on the lowest level team in their age group if there are any spots available.