The Minneapolis United Soccer Club owns all team designations which include (Premier, Copa, Samba and Tango).  The Coaching Directors and Executive Director determines the amount of teams that an age/gender group can support based on player skill levels manifested through the tryout process.

  • The Coaching Directors are responsible for leading the tryout process. Tryout format is at the discretion of the Coaching Directors and Executive Director.
  • Players will be asked to compete against a group of their peers in various 1 v 1, 4 v 4 and 7 v 7 drills to evaluate them on various skills like first touch, passing and vision, field awareness...Each player then receives a score based on how they compared to the other participants.
  • There is an annual tryout fee for all players participating in the tryout process. This fee assists in compensating the evaluators and facility rental. 2020-21 fee is $55.


The following factors are considered in the tryout process (not ranked in order of importance):

  • Attitude and commitment level to attend practices, training, games and tournaments. Commitment to attend winter training program (attendance at winter training is expected).
  • Performance at tryouts (specifically, how the player rated on various skill tests).
  • Performance as observed by the MU Coach in game situations from the previous season. This information is submitted by each MU coach on their team's Player Evaluation form.
  • Specific positional needs within a team.

Note: All coaches are required to fill out and turn in the requested Player Evaluation Form on each player and an Internal Team Ranking two weeks prior to tryouts.

Team Tryouts

All players wishing to tryout for a fall/summer team for the club must be registered prior to tryouts.

  • All teams are formed for the fall and upcoming summer season and will stay intact until the next scheduled tryout for that age group.
  • All teams are formed based on the tryout process.
  • Qualifying for a specific team one year does not mean that the player will automatically be placed with that same team or coach in later years.
  • All decisions on player selection shall rest with the appropriate Coaching Director, with input from the Coach being an integral part of the process. Team Managers and/or Board Members are NOT involved in the player selection process.
  • In instances where multiple players are ranked relatively equal in terms of commitment (attendance at Winter Training), attitude, and skill, (and there is not a particular position need), loyalty will go to returning team members (incumbents).

Note: After the Tryout Process is complete and prior to the next annual tryout, the Coaching Director with Team Coach have the authority to add players to each team.

Multiple Teams / Same Playing Level

When multiple teams exist in one age group at the same level of play, the Coaching Directors determine the team that will be considered the top-tiered team.

  • It is assumed that every player participating in the process is trying out for the top-tiered team. He or she will be placed on a team based on the criteria noted above.

1, 2 and 3 days of Tryouts Date

11U and younger teams will be evaluated at a 1 day tryout. Teams 12U and older have 2 and in a few cases 3 day tryouts. Players are expected to attend each day of tryouts.