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About MU

Minneapolis United Soccer Club is a youth amateur soccer organization, and a Minnesota non-profit corporation. In 2023, MU's Board of Directors and Staff led a refresh of the Club's Mission Statement, Vision and Values.


Minneapolis United Soccer Club is committed to educating and investing in our youth, families and coaching staff by providing excellent programming to develop soccer players and quality people that will enhance our community.


Minneapolis United Soccer Club will be Minnesota’s leader in youth soccer programming by nurturing player development while providing competition in a diverse and inclusive environment that fosters individual and team growth on and off the field.


Community: Build integrity, access and goodwill within and beyond the soccer community
Character: Foster respect, camaraderie and sportsmanship within the individual player, coaches, families, and against opponents
Development: Give each player, coach and staff the opportunity to develop their skills to the highest level of the individual's ability
Competition: Create a competitive environment that challenges and nurtures the growth of players, coaches and teams

Recreation ("Rec") or Competitive Soccer?

How do I know when to make the transition, and how do the programs differ?

These are common questions that many soccer families inevitably face, and the fear of the unknown (traveling) can be daunting.

Here are the facts and a few tips to help you determine if your player, and your family, are ready to move from Rec to Traveling:

Just the facts:

  • MU offers Summer Recreational ("Rec") play as an option for players from age 4 through 14, with first come, first served registration for players in that age range. This option sells out every summer and is max'ed out at 1200 kids.
  • MU offers Competitive Soccer as an option to players ages 8U through 19U. Starting in July, players can register for tryouts (8U-11U mid July, 12U+ late July) and an opportunity to play on a traveling team for the following year (fall league and winter training, and spring/summer league).

Which to play? It depends…

The summer "Rec" program is aimed at offering an experience that includes lots of game play, with light instruction, during the months of June and July, at a very reasonable cost. It’s a good introduction to the sport for the younger players and offers soccer in a concentrated, fun, and casual playing environment. MU's Rec coaches are current MU competitive players and parent volunteers. This gives the MU member families and alumni players a chance to get directly involved in sharing their love of the game with a new generation. Some of our older Rec players also enjoy being able to play the game they love with friends, on a set schedule, in a single neighborhood location (Pearl Park), which leaves more time for other summer activities with friends. MU Rec players do have additional training opportunities by way of the MU summer camps, as well as select winter Rec programs for younger players.

Now, if your young player is looking for a more competitive and structured soccer environment to advance their skills, or if your child takes their soccer ball everywhere and just can’t seem to get enough soccer, that’s a good sign they’re ready to transition to MU's competitive program. The program involves a short Fall season and a Spring/Summer season with a winter training program in between.  Accordingly, the cost of participating in the competitive program is greater, due in-part to the committed team of professional MU coaches and trainers assigned to guide players through their development. The locations for games and training will vary depending on the team assignment, and can include the greater metro area. This, along with the increased cost comprises the greatest difference between the two programs. There is a much greater emphasis on technical skills development in competitive, which best translates into later opportunities to play competitive soccer in high school and beyond. Many MU players go on to star at the state, regional, and even national level.

If you wish to learn more about these MU programs, please feel free to contact us via the club website. Be it Rec or Competitive, we hope to see you on the pitch this summer!

MU's Annual General Meeting

An annual non-profit responsibility is to host an Annual General Meeting.  In order to retain MU's non-for-profit status, this meeting must be held each year. In many ways, the AGM works like a state of the union.  Minneapolis United hosts our Annual General Meeting ("AGM") each fall in either late October or early November. The AGM is open to the public and is announced on both our website and in MU's newsletters.


These organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to our sponsors and thank them for their commitment to Minneapolis United. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities.