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MU Juniors

MU Juniors

The MU Juniors program is for kids Pre K or entering Kindergarten in the fall of 2024.

Sessions will take place at Pearl Park. Boys & girls train together. The sessions are coached by older MU team players who will be mentored by an MU trainer.

Fridays: May 31 to July 26: 8 sessions, $105
          Sessions available at 5:30pm and 6:30pm

Mondays: 5:00pm, June 3 to July 22: 8 sessions, $105

Wednesdays: 5:00pm, June 5 to July 24: 7 sessions, $95 - (no session July 3)

Registration includes an MU T-shirt

MU Juniors is a program designed to foster a love of soccer in your child and teach them a little bit more about the sport, their peers, and themselves. At this early age, touches on the ball is critical. We will be utilizing a high ball-to-child ratio whenever possible - ensuring that every player has the greatest opportunity to practice moving and manipulating the ball. During this eight-week course we will be utilizing the new training model endorsed by the US Soccer Federation: Play-Practice-Play. You will notice that every session begins with small-sided games, transition into more structured technical instruction, and transition back into play. Each session will be guided by a question such as “How Do I Move the Ball?” Players will be thinking about different aspects of soccer each week - learning about how the mechanics of the game work and values such as sportsmanship, determination, and persistence

At this young age, children have a lot to learn, and we recognize that soccer skills are only one aspect of the sport that we can teach. MU is committed to social-emotional learning and has consulted both elementary educators and MU competitive coaches to strike the right balance of teaching soccer skills and social skills in the MU Juniors curriculum.

Photo night

There will be a photographer from Linhoff Photos on the north side of Pearl Park.

Photo Schedule: TBD


Please bring your MU Juniors shirt and a soccer ball. If you forget either, we will have some extras available for the photos. No need to order photos ahead of time, you will be given a handout that you will use to order photos at Pearl Park on Friday. Since there will be lots of wiggly 4 and 5 year old bodies getting instructions from the photographer, any help you can provide during photo time will be much appreciated!

Refund Policy

  • Full refunds will be given until June 1st.
  • Please email to request a refund or for questions about your registration.


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